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Yes, our lifestyle has turned our body into a mess. Overeating, not following the body clock and bad lifestyle may be the cause of excess body fat, lifestyle diseases, hormonal changes, skin issues and much more.

There are a hundred ways out there to get healthy but are they all harmless and safe? Maybe? Maybe not!

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Food is a safer, better, more holistic way to positively affect your health. In order for food to be therapeutic, it must be nutrient dense and measured accurately based on the scientific principle of wholesome diet. Our plans are personalised for you after an intense analysis on your body type, medical history, your issues and the deep rooted causes associated with your issues. (Yes, we consult your physicians too!).

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Our diet plans are specially curated for each individual by Experienced Nutrition Professionals.

Poshan for life is not just for magaging your ailments but a way of life. It’s for you, if your current lifestyle reflects any of the following.